Accept payments at less cost to your business

One of the primary reasons we built Waitlistr was to bring together the disparate tools that business owners had previously cobbled together. We’ve talked to many of the waitlist owners on Waitlistr and gathered a deep understanding of some the pain points they still experienced even while using us. Accepting payment kept coming up!

Accepting payment for goods and services is at the heart of most businesses — business owners running waiting lists are no exception. We understand that many of our list owners are small businesses and/or entrepreneurs participating in the gig economy, so we are exceedingly mindful of the cost to run a business. We built our payment platform specifically to tackle the needs of our users and provide it at a lower cost than most of the tools they previously used.

See how we stack up…

Monthly Fee *Fee per sale Listing Fee
Waitlistr $0 3.9%
1% transaction + (2.9% + $0.35 processing)
Etsy $0 8%
5% transaction + (3% + $0.25 processing)
EventBrite $0 5.9%
3% transaction + (2.5% + $1.99 processing)
Ebay $0 to $299.95 12.9%
10% transaction + (2.9% + $0.30 PayPal processing)
$0 to $0.30
Amazon $0 to $39.99 15% $0 to $0.99

*Last updated 12/3/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get paid?
We use Stripe Connect to power our payments platform. When you receive a payment and it has completed processing it will be available for transfer. You initiate transfers from your Dashboard — it can take Stripe up to 7 days for your initial transfer, and typically 24 hours for transfers after that.
Where can I see the status of a bank transfer?
Go to Settings > Payments and click on the “transfers” tab to see past and current transfer statuses.
What currencies can I accept?
When setting up your account you will select your country; the currency you accept will be based on the country you choose. If you don’t see your country listed, contact us about adding it.
How do I issue a refund to a customer?
If a customer has requested a refund though Waitlistr, you will receive a notification. Simply log into your account, got to the Settings > Payments page, and click the “Refund” button. Check out this post for even more info.
How do I change my banking information?
If you need to add a new bank account or remove one you already added, go to the Settings > Banking page and click the “edit” link next to “Banking Details” and add or remove a bank account.

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